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Innovative Design from Kontenta

Kontenta has been in business since 2011 and in this time we have put a great deal of time into researching the latest design trends which has resulted in our own designer furniture range. With a wide range of furniture and styles from dining lighting to sofas and modern to Scandinavian the Kontenta range develops collection to create the interior of your dreams.

We our pride ourselves on not just selling designs but high quality designs that are both manufactures and hand crafted. At Kontenta we aim to integrate an environmental policy on most of furniture collections to include as many sustainable products as possible, this can be seen in our Harper and Rozzo ranges for example.

Our sofas are also made from the highest quality and when it comes to choosing our fabrics we know design, texture and tactility is what gives a sofa its identity.

Whatever the style you are looking for, browse the Kontenta range to find the perfect piece of furniture for your interior.

  Sofas Sofas
  Harper Range Harper Range
  Lyla Painted Range Lyla Painted Range
  Battersea Industrial Range Battersea Industrial Range
  Rozzo Range Rozzo Range
  Mystique Rattan Mystique Rattan
  Cottage Range Cottage Range
  Kontenta Mattresses Kontenta Mattresses
  Washburn Distressed Collection Washburn Distressed Collection
  Washburn Natural Collection Washburn Natural Collection
  Wensley Collection Wensley Collection
  Omen Collection Omen Collection
  Rembrandt Collection Rembrandt Collection
  Harewood Collection Harewood Collection