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Innovative Design from Kontenta

Kontenta's furniture creates a cutting edge designer atmosphere in your home. The pieces of furniture are inspired by the latest trends from both iconic and up and coming designers.

We offer a wide selection of tables, chairs, bar stools, lighting fixtures, armchairs, and much more besides. Our own brand designer furniture is very versatile due it taking inspiration from many design trends such as; modern, contemporary and Scandinavian styles.

  Accessories Accessories
  Armchairs Armchairs
  Bar Stools Bar Stools
  Dining Chairs Dining Chairs
  Hanging Lamps Hanging Lamps
  Office Furniture Office Furniture
  Sofas Sofas
  Standing Lamps Standing Lamps
  Tables Tables
  Harper Range Harper Range
  Lyla Painted Range Lyla Painted Range
  Battersea Industrial Range Battersea Industrial Range
  Rozzo Range Rozzo Range
  Mystique Rattan Mystique Rattan
  Cottage Range Cottage Range
  Kontenta Mattresses Kontenta Mattresses
  Washburn Distressed Collection Washburn Distressed Collection
  Washburn Natural Collection Washburn Natural Collection
  Wensley Collection Wensley Collection